A Fence That Will Not Fence You In

A Fence That Will Not Fence You In


Just three decades ago, English football was still blighted by the problems of supporter violence, old stadia and what we can now recognise as a lack of any safety management culture within the stadia. Two major stadium disasters in the 1980’s and a Government-led review of stadium safety brought about a programme of change which has seen the gradual transformation of English stadia and the introduction of a new system of stadium safety management.

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, fighting between rival supporter groups was commonplace in English football stadia. From the early beginnings of football up to the late 1960’s there had been no separation of supporters in English football stadia – home and away supporters could enter any part of the stadium and generally they would stand side by side to watch the match. However, this friendly rivalry gradually turned more hostile and, after a young supporter was stabbed to death at a Second Division match in 1974, segregation fences and separate sections for home and away supporters were introduced into English football stadia.

To prevent fans invading the pitch, steel fences were introduced at the front of the standing areas which were usually located behind each goal.

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Since the period when fences were installed, stadium design and crowd control techniques have progressed. Renovation work on many football grounds has considerably improved spectator facilities, for example in terms of refreshments, ladies’ lavatories, etc, making stadiums pleasanter and more attractive places for the whole family. Another major improvement in spectator safety has been the introduction of numbered seating-only arrangements. In addition to these innovations, modern information and communication technologies and high-powered video surveillance systems have been installed, the ticket sales system has been improved, a better method of controlling access to the stadiums developed, appropriate legislation with effective sanctions introduced and better European police co-operation instigated. Enhanced stewarding techniques have also improved conditions for the reception of spectators and helped to create an environment that discourages violence. Lastly, police forces are now more experienced in crowd control.


NFL will begin construction of a double chain link and jersey barricade fence nearly 4 miles long. Ultimately, it will encircle MetLife Stadium and a 300-foot buffer in all directions, as well as the Izod Center and the power station that feeds them both, and the fence will serve as the security perimeter for the nation’s biggest game, the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

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