Fencing Your Garden the Right Way

Fencing Your Garden the Right Way

If you are a passionate gardener like me, you must go out of control when someone trespass and step into your garden without permission. Gardens in general attract many unwanted attentions of both animals and human beings. To prevent them invading your backyard you need to build up a fence. This is an absolute necessity, if you are really serious about your garden.

You see, fencing is as hard as gardening. I have learnt it hard way. Lot of work is involved in this process. Sometimes this may make you wish that you were Tom Sawyer and could make your friends do your work. At least, I wish so when I need to use fresh coat of paint on my fence under scorching sun. However, it is the love for garden that makes me continue with the back breaking job.

FenceingSo, if you are getting started with gardening, I will give you a heart welcome. It is hard work, yet, the result will be blooming. Nothing is more rewarding than the knowledge that you have helped those flowers to blossom.

Before, you rush about putting up a fence, ask yourself some important questions. I went through the list of questions the first time I put a boundary around my garden.

What You Want

There are multiple uses of a fence. You need to decide exactly why you are putting it up. Do want a regular boundary that will keep the dogs off your property? Or, do you want a fairy tale like fence all white and covered with artfully decorated shrubs? You may even want to keep the preying eyes away from your property. Desire is complex and therefore, you need to decide before going forward with fencing.

Select the Right Material

Let me share with you my own experience. It was the first time I was fencing my garden and I wanted a white fence surrounding my rose bushes. I saw the blooming red roses against the white fence in my mind’s eyes and installed wood fencing. What I did not consider was the commitment wood fencing requires. It was fine and shinny in the summer. But, with the arrival rain and storm, my beautiful fence turned into rotten wood. I immediately changed the fencing and this time opted for vinyl. If you cannot commit to the maintenance, don’t install wood.


Gardening is an expensive passion. You not only have to devote your time, you need to spend lot of money too. For this reason, you need to reduce the cost related to the fencing. Try to blend materials. Be creative, combine wood with chain. This will maintain the poise of fencing and also, reduce the maintenance work.

Consult Professional

If you have doubt in your mind about your ability to set the boundary, hire professional help. There are many service providers who will assist you to build the right fence. Don’t shy away from seeking help. You will learn a great deal of gardening information from these professionals.

Climate Issue

The material of the fence should be decided based on the climate of your area. In case of extreme weather conditions, you may want to build permanent boundary with concrete. This will provide more security and keep the unwanted presence away from your garden.

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