Hex Wire netting

Hex Wire netting


We offer an extensive range of hexagonal wire netting / metal mesh fencing for multiple applications. The metal mesh fencing is manufactured from metal steel wire and is hot-dipped galvanised to protect the steel fencing wire for rust / corrosion.

Galvanised hexagonal metal fencing wire meshes can be used in endless applications. Typical uses include:

  • Garden Fencing
  • Chicken runs & Poultry Fencing (Chicken wire)
  • Rabbit fence
  • Deer fencing mesh
  • Tree Protection / Guards
  • Support climbing plants
  • Protecting plants and crops
  • Render, plastering and insulation support applications

Our hexagonal metal wire netting products are hot-dipped galvanised which protects the metal steel wire from corrosion longer than standard metal mesh products on the market that are electro-galvanised. Hexagonal wire netting is fixed using u-nails to wooden posts

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